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Ferrets are NOT rodents.

Ferrets are domesticated, and are not wild animals.

Ferrets belong to the MUSTELIDAE family.

Females are called JILLS.

Males are called HOBS.

Ferret young are called KITS.

Life span of a ferret is 6 - 10 years, but there are exceptions.

Heart rate is 180-250 bpm, average is 225bpm.

Anal tempreture is 100-104, average is 101.9.

Respiration is 33-36 breaths per min.

Ferrets can be spayed (recommended) at 6 months

Ferrets are CARNIVORS, and require high protein diets.

Ferrets can be fed totaly on raw meat, such as rabbit, pidgeon, mince, chicks.

Ferrets can be fed Totaly, on comercial dry ferret biscuit kibbles. ( Frankie Ferret, Alpha, Vitalin, Chudleys.)

Biscuit And Raw Flesh (B.A.R.F.) diets are ok.

Ferrets require access to lots of water, especialy if you are feeding a biscuit diet.

Dried Fruit can be given as treats, so can Ferret Vite, and Ferret Tone.

DO NOT give SUGAR or CHOCOLATE to your ferrets.

DO NOT put salt blocks in ferret cages or pens, it can cause serious harm to your ferret.

Ferrets are not solitary animals, and thrive in the company of other ferrets. Two ferrets are recommended.

Ferrets love interaction with humans, and it is encouraged that you play/react with your ferret for at least 2 hours a day.


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