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AFC Club Rules

Ashfield Ferret Club

Club Show Rules


  1. The Judges Decision is Final


  1. The Committee has the right to turn away anyone who disrupts the Show


  1. No Selling or Re-homing ferrets without Prior Permission of the Committee


  1. No Clipping of Nails on show day, unless advised to by a Judge or committee member


  1. Dogs are not allowed in the Hall or Ferret area’s


  1. All Winners should ensure that the booking in steward has their details


  1. Kits are classed as that years young


  1. Kits are Not Allowed in Adult Classes, and will be disqualified if entered


  1. Junior Handlers are 4 – 14 years of age


  1. Pregnant/Nursing jills will be disqualified


  1. Spayed/Castrated ferrets must have No Stiches showing and Wounds must have healed before Showing


  1. ferrets can only enter into one colour class


  1. Competitors are asked to keep their area tidy


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